Accused of plagiarism, Microsoft announces that it will give credit to AppGet developer


Microsoft During its Build 2020, an event aimed at developers that presents the main novelties of its products, Microsoft announced the Windows Package Manager , a solution that allows programs and tools to be installed quickly and easily with command lines through PowerShell, working from very similar to what is seen in Linux distributions.

However, the new feature ended up causing serious problems for the company, which was accused by Keivan Beigi, developer of Package Manager AppGet, of plagiarizing its creation. According to him, Microsoft sought him out with interest in using AppGet, even inviting him to interviews, but began to ignore him shortly after, until the company’s package solution was announced.

Beigi noted strong similarities between Windows Package Manager and AppGet, accusing the Redmond giant of being inspired by “core mechanics, terminology, manifest and structure format, and even organizing folders in the package repository”. Interestingly, Microsoft even mentioned AppGet during the announcement of its product, amid a list of other Package Managers available to users.

The company does not deny the claims and promises to credit Keivan Beigi and AppGet in a future update of its package manager’s readme file.

“Our goal is to provide a great product for our consumers and our community where everyone can contribute and receive recognition,” said Andrew Clinick, Microsoft’s program manager, who confirmed that the company’s implementation “was helped by AppGet to have a better direction for your product.

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The executive concludes his speech by stating that more negotiations are being made with Beigi, and that news should be released soon. In the meantime, Microsoft has made changes to the map features of its Bing search engine and the Azure Cloud application, which now make use of the TomTom system, with which it entered into a partnership in 2019.

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