5G successor coming up? Alive Chinese registers 6G logo in Europe


6G Apparently, the successor 5G has already started its first steps in development, and this has been reiterated once again, seeing that the Chinese manufacturer alive (not to be confused with the mobile operator) has just registered a logo for 6G in Europe.

The Vivo Mobile Communication sent the material to record in EUIPO (Intellectual Property Office of the European Union) on October 22, 2019.

In design, it is possible to see bars crossing the ‘6’ and ‘G’, which refers to speed – although we are not even sure how fast this new technology will be. The first 6G smartphones should hit the market only after 2030 when the standard should finally be finalized.

Although we still have a long time to go, this type of technology usually begins to develop many years before its commercial launch.

In July 2017, for example, the European Union had announced the Terranova project, which would be aimed at preparing the 5G successor, bringing a network with up to 1 Terabyte per second (instead of 1 Gigabyte per 5G) with latency. almost zero.

This “5G +” would be even more interesting, for example, for VR and AR games and applications, playing an important role in Augmented Reality as well, which is a few years should become even more part of our lives.

In the future, in a ‘post-smartphone’ era – yes, because the smartphone as we know it today will be obsolete during this period – everything can be connected, each object will receive data and artificial intelligence will intervene.

In this period possibly the augmented reality interfaces will appear everywhere, becoming invisible when the user no longer needs them.

The EU is not unique in preparing for 6G – China and the UK, 6G research and development has started since 2015.

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But before the sixth generation of mobile networks, we should be covered with 5G +, a technology that will be present in some countries by 2020.

Source: nl.letsgodigital


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