13 Reasons Why: Netflix removes controversial scene with character suicide


Netflix Since its launch, the original “13 Reasons Why” series has questioned the extent to which bullying can impact the lives of those who suffer from them by raising questions about teenage bullying and a study that showed increased curiosity about suicides.

Among the critics of the series, however, the main questioning was how far its existence would be useful for the debate of the topics covered and in what moments Netflix made a mistake creating scenes that end up glamorizing the suicide, something that was even partially replicated by a teenager.

An example that points in the series are subject to reformulation and even exclusion was the recent removal of a scene where it is portrayed with the excessive richness of detail the suicide of the main character in a sequence of 3 minutes ranging from the act of cutting the wrists to death of the character.

After repeated inquiries, this scene was omitted on the platform, now showing a new version of the episode that only exhibits the character if looking in the mirror, and then forwarded to the scene of the parents dealing with the event.

For Brian Yorkey, creator of the 13 Reasons Why series in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. no scene is more important than the preservation of lives and that the series is dedicated to stimulating the reflection of the care with who is around us.

“No scene is more important than the life of the program and its message is that we should take better care of each other. We believe this edition will help the program do its best for most people while mitigating any risk to particularly vulnerable young spectators. ”

With this, Netflix ends up answering one of the questions of those who criticized the series, making it more friendly to the debate in which it is theoretically proposed to be, something that still generated questionings.

So, do you think it was right to remove the scene or would you rather it was maintained? Tell us in the comments!

Source: www.theverge.com


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