How to mute the camera of the mobile


How to mute the camera of the mobileIf you are tired of the shutter sound of your mobile’s camera, we explain how to mute it on Android and iOS. From now on you can take pictures quietly without this annoying sound.

1: The default camera in Android depends on the manufacturer

Unlike iOS, the development of Android depends largely on mobile manufacturers, who create their own personalization layers on the version published by Google.

This means that some default applications are from the mobile manufacturer. One of them is the camera, so the options of the same vary depending on the mobile you have.

There are brands that allow you to mute the sound of your mobile camera easily and others that do not. Then we explain how to do it both if you are given this option and if you have to resort to some other trick.

2: Camera settings

The easy way to deactivate the sound of the camera on an Android mobile is to open that application. Find the way to access the camera menu, usually by sliding to the left, although you may have to press the configuration button.

Once inside, scroll until you find Shutter sound, sound when shooting or another similar option. All mean the same thing: remove the annoying sound that your camera makes when firing.

If your smartphone’s brand does not allow you to do so, go to the next method. In iOS, it is not allowed to mute the sound from here.

3: Sound settings, the trick that works on the iPhone

Another option, and this if it serves to remove the sound of the camera on the iPhone, is to lower the volume of your phone and put it in silence. This will not only silence notifications and calls but also shutter noise.

It also works on some Android phones, but not all. You must test if you can not silence the camera of your smartphone from the application itself.

If in spite of everything it continues sounding, the definitive method is missing.

4: Download a third-party application

Finally, there is a way to disable the sound of the camera on Android that will not fail you: install an application that allows you to do so .

The main candidate is the Open Camera application, which also offers other options when taking pictures that will help you a lot. It is an Open Source app with many settings to take the best photos.

It is available on Google Play and is completely free. It will only take a few seconds to install it. Within, you just have to go to Settings> More camera controls and remove the shutter sound.

Open Camera
Open Camera
Developer: Mark Harman
Price: Free
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  • Open Camera Screenshot
  • Open Camera Screenshot
  • Open Camera Screenshot


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