Do you have these Health features activated on your Apple Watch?


 Apple Watch Health features Health featuresWhether you are a new user of Apple Watch or why you do not know in depth all the health-related options your Apple Watch can offer, it is good that you know these options to monitor your health. By default, many may be disabled, but we recommend that you have them active.

Previously it is good that you have the latest version of the Apple Watch operating system and know what series you have, to know what health benefits are available for your device. To know the model, it is best to go to Settings – General – About – Model. From there, in the following graphic, you will see the health options available for your device. To summarize, Series 1, 2 and 3 have all the features, except for the fall warning function and the possibility of performing an electrocardiogram, which is reserved for Series 4 only.

From there, all Apple Watch detect the following heart rates :

  • High: if the heart rate exceeds 100 to 150 beats per minute, after a period of inactivity in the last 10 minutes. This fork of 100 to 150 beats per minute can be adjusted according to the user.
  • Low: when the heart rate is below 40-50 beats per minute, during a normal period in the last 10 minutes. It is also possible to adjust the fork.
  • Irregular: when multiple heart rhythms are detected that could mean auricular fabrication.

These functions are adjusted from the Heart section in the tab of my watch.

In Series 4, you have two more functions, such as the ECG measurement (electrocardiogram) or the detection of fall by fading. The electrocardiogram is done by activating the option and leaving the finger on the crown. The operation of the fall detection involves calling the emergency services if fall detection occurs. This feature is disabled if you are under 65 years old. It is advisable to activate it if you are less old but practice some risky sport, because this option can save your life if you suffer an accident in a complicated place.

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