The Best Android Apps to Try


Everyone wants to try new and fresh app every month. Today we recommended you some apps which we’ve been digging through the Play Store and we already try them for a month and after that, we are here to recommend you. Here are some most useful and funny apps for you for your month.


The best new app to try in March 2019

App Tiles:

download (1)If you don’t think your notification bar or quick settings area offers enough useful shortcuts to the apps you really want, then this App is the one you really needed. It gives you the option to add up to six shortcuts for apps in your quick settings area on the notification bar. It’s easy to use and does exactly what it says and without requiring any invasive permissions. This practical app is great for hoarders who don’t want to search multiple drawers to find the apps they use most often, and it is free to download, although it is supported by advertising.

Nova Launcher:

nova-launcher-google-play-store-1-w782It is Fast, fluid, and user-friendly app. it is a long-running and well-loved customization app that really brings a new dimension to the Android experience. it just received a bumper update that makes it even better for you to use. If you’ve never tried it, we highly recommend you to download and transform your user experience. Longtime fans will appreciate the revamped settings. New updated icons and even more options to customize every aspect of the launcher.

Nova Launcher’s improvements are available in both the free version and paid version that also includes gesture controls and more control over your app drawers.

Live Transcribe:

live_transcribe_sound_amplifierIt is a free new app from Google Play Store that takes advantage of Mountain View’s advanced voice recognition to convert live speech to text. At first, this app is intended as an aid to deaf people, and it does a decent job of transcribing deaf people when they speak out loud too. It supports over 70 languages and supports bilingual operation. This app also a handy app for journalists to use during interviews, students for their lectures, and business people for important meetings aside from hearing impaired.

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