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There are a lot of email applications accessible for Android, and now that Inbox is leaving, we’re here to enable you to discover your substitution. As of April 2, 2019, Google has closed down Inbox for good. We’ll surely miss utilizing it for the majority of our email needs, yet Gmail has improved a ton since Inbox’s released in 2014 and is the best alternative you’ll discover.




The nearest you’ll get to the Inbox experience. Although a large number of us utilized Inbox in light of the fact that it had loads of features that were lacking in Gmail, this has consistently changed throughout the years. With a lot of valuable features and far more great security than all else on our list. Gmail is the best Inbox elective.


Who should utilize Gmail?

If you haven’t looked at Gmail since Inbox stole you far from it in 2014, a great deal’s been included that makes Google’s essential email application worth returning to. Emails are arranged into specific classes so you can concentrate on what makes a difference, it’s difficult to switch forward and backward between various records, you can utilize Smart Replies, and even schedule messages remains to be sent sometime in the future. It may not be an ideal Inbox clone, but it’s now quite extraordinary and just going to show signs of improvement.

Is it a decent time to give it a shot?

Totally. Gmail’s changed a great deal since Inbox was first discharged and is currently more cleaned and highlight rich than any other time in recent memory.

Reasons to utilize Gmail

  • It’s free
  • Very quick and smooth
  • Smart Replies
  • Customizable swipes
  • Schedule messages
  • Undo sent messages

Reasons not to utilize it

  • Fewer classifications
  • Can’t see updates

Google’s structure Gmail into a rendition of Inbox that will be around for quite a long time to come

At the point when Google discharged Inbox a couple of years back, numerous clients rushed to it since it offered an extensively better encounter on both portable and work area contrasted with Gmail. From that point forward, a great deal has changed.

With Gmail, you would now be able to snooze messages, utilize Smart Replies + Smart Compose to have AI help you form your musings, tweak your swipe actions, plan your messages to be sent at a date later on, and see your messages in three pre-made packs. Those packs are what truly sold Inbox for many individuals, and keeping in mind that Gmail’s Social and Promotions groups aren’t exactly as broad as what Inbox offers, despite everything they work admirably at aiding your inbox to feel somewhat less jumbled.


Google’s gradually conveying Inbox’s best highlights to Gmail each one at a time. Regardless of whether you use Gmail on your work area or Android phone, it’s outwardly significantly more engaging than when Inbox was discharged. Gmail for web and its Android application both match Google’s Material Theme UI, including a dark mode for the previous with the last expected to get one very soon.

There are bunches of other email applications that attempt to repeat Inbox’s equation, however with little, outsider customers, there’s no telling to what extent they’ll be around for.

Options to Gmail:

In spite of the majority of the advancement Google’s made with Gmail, we understand that despite everything it won’t be a solid match for everybody. In that capacity, we’ve sketched out a couple of different alternatives that merit looking at.

Microsoft Outlook

Clean UI and an implicit date-book make this an extraordinary pick. Another great option to Inbox is Microsoft Outlook. It is a pretty application that runs easily, keeps you concentrated on the emails that issue and even it viewed your timetable. In addition, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and, the application likewise supports Gmail and Yahoo Mail accounts.


On the other hand, that Gmail doesn’t offer enough to intrigue you, Microsoft Outlook may work. The Focused inbox filters out through non-need messages, things like flight information and records are not difficult to discover, and we adore having a worked in a schedule to rapidly see any up and coming arrangements without leaving the application. It is most likely the best decision for clients of Microsoft administrations, however, we cherish that there’s support for Gmail and Yahoo Mail clients, as well.

Flash Mail

This well-known iOS application is currently accessible for Android. Flash has been one of the best iOS email applications for a couple of years now, and as of April 2, 2019, it’s at long last accessible for Android. Flash completes a great deal to emerge, including a Smart Inbox highlight that packages your messages into different classes like Inbox. There is also a snooze highlight, you can plan messages, and considerably more.


Flash Mail is the new application on this rundown, yet for certain individuals, it might be the best. Sparkle takes a ton of motivation from Inbox with its Smart Inbox highlight, making it simple to discover the messages you truly care about and filter through the majority of the refuse. Not everything from the iOS application is accessible yet, however designer Raddle is taking a shot at accomplishing highlight equality as Soon as Possible.

Newton Mail

The best customer for those eager to pay. Newton has been my own email application of decision since 2017. The application is dazzling on both work area and portable, read receipts enable you to see when individuals read your messages, and you can calendar and snooze messages to your heart’s substance. It costs $50 every year to utilize.


The possibility of burning through cash for an email application when there are such a significant number of amazing free ones may appear to be bonkers to many individuals, however, in the wake of utilizing Newton for as long as two years, I discover it actually difficult to return to whatever else. The list of capabilities is a standout amongst the best out there, the application’s natural and simple to utilize, and it chips away at for all intents and purposes everything. $50/year is a ton of cash, yet in the event that you depend on email for work as I do, it’s more than justified, despite all the trouble.

Edison Email

A promising customer with loads of powerful tools. Edison Email doesn’t have the sponsorship of Google or Microsoft, however, all things considered, it’s as yet an extremely extraordinary customer that merits a look. Edison works with all mainstream email administrations, has an incredible asset for withdrawing from bulletins, an implicit bundle tracker, and a ton more.


In the event that you need a ground-breaking email application that is pretty and features rich, Edison might be the ideal fit. There’s an element that makes it simple to withdraw from messages, a committed travel page so you can without much of a stretch see flight and lodging information and even a bundle tracker! Edison works with pretty much everything, as well, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Exchange, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL Mail, IMAP, Alto, iCloud, and some more.

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Bottom line

There is a great deal of cool, trial features in our above picks, however, if you need an email customer that functions admirably, is overly steady, and still offers some powerful tools, Gmail is the best approach for a great many people.


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