How to Hack someone’s Whatsapp without using their Phone


Do you always wonder what your child, husband, partner, or friend is always doing on their WhatsApp? In the past, and even now, you may want to know how to read someone’s text messages, and all you have been doing is wondering about the process. You just want to get into their phone and know what they are doing.

You may be tired of tiptoeing around them to check their phones when they are not looking. That could be stressful, and at the end of your tiptoeing, you get nothing from it. Life is easier now. Gone are the days when you have to look through other’s phones to check their WhatsApp messages.

Imagine if they saw you going through their phone, what do you think would happen? You are only giving them reasons to change their phone’s password or keep their phones away from you.

How do you hack their WhatsApp then, and what are the WhatsApp hack tools to use? Relax, and read through. You can read their chats remotely without them suspecting that you are with the methods discussed in this article.

What is WhatsApp hacking?

WhatsApp hacking simply means spying on someone else’s WhatsApp account without the person knowing. When you hack into someone’s WhatsApp, it’s either you want to take over their WhatsApp account, or you want to spy on their activities.

WhatsApp hacking is when you have access to another person’s account, just so that you can see who they are texting, the files and images they sent, and everything they are doing on their phone. Is it as easy as described? Is it even possible to hack into someone’s account without using their phone?

These questions are probably what’s running through your mind. Your research on “how to hack someone’s WhatsApp without their phone” brought you here. It is possible to get into someone’s account without using their phone. You will know how you can as you read on, but why do people want to hack into some other people’s WhatsApp account?


Why do people want to hack WhatsApp?

Why are you interested in hacking someone else’s WhatsApp? There are reasons that spur people to want to do that. It is quite unusual for a person to just wake up one day and decide, “I’m going to hack Jack’s WhatsApp today!” Maybe there are people who do, but there are motives or reasons behind these actions. What reasons?

  1. Security measures

A parent may want to find out if his/her child is secure, and he/she isn’t being bullied, harassed, or sexually molested by friends, classmates, known adults, or strangers. When they notice that their child is acting strangely, their instincts kick in to find out what the child is doing online.

  1. Check if your partner is cheating

You can check if your partner is cheating by hacking into their WhatsApp, especially when they are acting strangely or they’re overly secretive. This is usually sparked by a partner’s insecurity, and they just want to confirm if all is well in paradise.

  1. Control

Parents can hack into their child’s WhatsApp so they can stay up-to-date with what their child does on WhatsApp. Partners can also spy on their partner’s WhatsApp to be aware of who they are chatting with. Some people like to feel that they are in control, so they want to know what the other person is doing.

How to hack into someone’s WhatsApp

Hacking into someone’s WhatsApp is easier than it sounds, and there are various methods you can adopt to do that. Many results have popped up after you typed “how to hack someone’s WhatsApp messenger,” but you just didn’t get the answer you want.

Some of them even had links to sites or apps you can use for free, but they didn’t work either. Hacking WhatsApp isn’t hard, you only need to know the right methods to use.  You can hack WhatsApp easily with these three recommended methods:

Using spy apps

Spy apps are the most reliable way to spy on someone’s socials, WhatsApp inclusive. With spy apps, you can see what the targets do on their phone, who they text, and what they talk about. There are many spy apps you can use, but the best of them all is mSpy, and it cost a not-so-expensive subscription.

With mSpy, you can track other’s WhatsApp data, read their text messages both sent and received, track their multimedia files, as well as monitor all their WhatsApp activities.

Using WhatsApp Web

whatsapp web

Another method is to hack their WhatsApp through WhatsApp web. This method is a very popular method. Start by opening WhatsApp web on your phone or laptop. Then, enable the “keep me logged in” prompt.

Using WhatsApp Web

Another method is to hack their WhatsApp through WhatsApp web. This method is a very popular method. Start by opening WhatsApp web on your phone or laptop. Then, enable the “keep me logged in” prompt.

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