How To find out and prevent the Android phone from spending 4G internet

 Most 4G or 3G internet plans in Brazil have a data franchise. When reaching the limit, the consumer loses the connection or starts to use a network with reduced speed. To get around the problem, the Android system has some features that help keep your 3G / 4G package through the end of the month with some tweaking.

With them, you can find out if your smartphone is using mobile data right now, and stop it by disabling connectivity. The tip is useful to stay tuned for day-to-day if Wi-Fi stops working, for example, and you do not realize it since the data connection is automatically activated. In addition, Walkthrough teaches you to use native Android features to save and manage data, without having to install new applications.

1. How to enable and disable the mobile internet connection on the mobile

Step 1. If the user chooses to turn off the mobile data when he/she is not using it, he/she is sure that the data package will continue intact. You can have control of this connectivity quickly through the Android shortcuts bar. To do this, simply drag the bar at the top of the screen and touch the mobile network icon. Then disable the key at the top of the screen. Confirm with “Done”.

Step 2. You can also find this setting by tapping the “Configure” button on Android. Then select “Data Usage”.

Step 3. Finally, unplug the key next to “Mobile Data”, leaving it gray (off). Remember that you will continue to receive calls and only the mobile internet will be disconnected.

2. How to know if Android is using mobile internet right now

Step 1. The Android system shows whether you are currently using the mobile connection on your phone, even in the background or as an alternative to Wi-Fi. To find out, go to the “Configure” menu and select “About the device”.

Step 2. Touch “Status” and select “SIM Status” (from the service provider chip that offers the Internet service).

Step 3. Finally, to find out if your mobile phone is using mobile data, look at the “Mobile network status” item. If the “Connected” indicator appears, your smartphone is wasting data. If “Disconnected” is displayed, the device is using another form of connection – usually Wi-Fi.

3. How to enable the internet limit warning on Android

Step 1. Open the “Configure” item on Android and select “Data usage”.

Step 2. Notice the use of mobile internet throughout the month on the chart. Touching it will allow you to manage the maximum data usage warning. It is recommended to add the amount of GB of your contracted package or even a little less to keep management up to date. Confirm with “Set”.

Step 3. Tap “Account cycle”. Customize the item by adding the closing date of your package (when the internet plan is renewed).

4. How to enable data saving

Step 1. If the user has the 4G / 3G internet almost at the end, Android has an economy mode that disables certain actions of apps in the background. To use it, select the “Configure” icon, and then touch “Data usage”.

Step 2. Then touch “Save Data” and enable the feature in the key at the top of the screen.

Step 3. You can select important apps to have unrestricted use of data if you do not want to miss a message notification, for example. To do this, touch the item “Unrestricted access to data” and activate the key next to the important app.

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