YouTube tests new Android TV app playback interface


YouTube Google appears to be testing a new video playback interface in the YouTube Android TV app, offering a major change that displays more video content and makes the user’s life a little easier.

In the comparison below you can see the changes being made by Google in the video platform. While the screenshot on the left shows the current design, we see in the photo sent to the Android Authority on the right a severe change.

The screen being tested removes the dedicated buttons to pause, fast forward, or rewind the video. Thus, you will most likely need to select the white circle from the time bar by control or choose the moment from the smartphone itself.

The essential buttons like tanned, quality control, and others, which previously needed to be accessed through the three-point button, are now just a click away, facilitating the actions mentioned as liking or disliking a video, adjusting the resolution of the playback, etc.

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We still don’t know whether Google should really implement the change for all users, but the news may come in the coming months. A big change like this can take time, so YouTube needs to test to see if people are enjoying the news or not before it reaches everyone.

Source: androidpolice


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