YouTube Music starts testing trackless playback


YouTube Anyone using YouTube Music should probably miss playing songs with direct transitions correctly. But it seems that this situation is about to change. According to user reports, the app has already started testing the feature.

On Reddit, web surfer JoshYx started a topic to tell that she managed to switch between “The Mind’s Eye” and “Portal” – both tracks from Haken’s album “Visions” – perfectly in the app’s compilation v.3.35.51.

Already the user agent Anthony reports that he did not experience the functionality in Pixel 2, build v3.37.55 but could the iPad Pro with v.3.37.3. This means that there is no standard of people or gadgets that can already use the novelty.

Lastly, the Reddit member with the nickname excited_panda was able to record a snippet of the role while playing Pink Floyd. You can watch below:

So far, there is no time limit for the feature to be released to all users. Remember that the music tool now comes preinstalled on devices equipped with the Android 10 operating system.

YouTube Music is available for download on Android and iOS platforms through their official stores. The links to download the application can be accessed on the card below the text.

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What did you think of the new feature tried out by the YouTube music app? Have your say to us!

Source: Reddit


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