You can update! WhatsApp receives new function to accelerate the speed of audios


whats appThe acceleration feature to play audio from WhatsApp up to 2x faster had been developed for a few weeks, leaving users extremely anxious for what could be one of the most awaited tools in the app. Finally, the beta feature is now available for download on the Play Store starting today (22) by tester users of the platform.

The version that integrates the new feature does not differ much from the interface released last Monday (19) and has an increase of 1x, 1.5x, or 2x in the speed of reproduction. To activate it, just touch the acceleration button corresponding to the audio you want to hear more quickly and select the desired speed for the voice message to be played.

Users, who do not have a great affection for WhatsApp audio messages, will also have other interesting features to follow, such as a faster data migration between Android and iOS. In addition to some subtle changes, it is possible that Facebook will integrate Messenger conversations with WhatsApp in the future.

To get access to the app’s features before they are officially made available to everyone, just access the Play Store and choose to be a “beta tester” on the WhatsApp page. For now, only Android users are getting the update to version through the Google app store, apparently. There is still no prediction of the arrival of the new feature for iOS users.

While continuing to alert its users to the new terms of service, WhatsApp continues to develop a new essential feature for those who do not have the patience to listen to longer audios. The novelty was revealed last week, and now we have more details of the functionality.

According to the folks at WABetaInfo, the beta version 2.21 .6.11 brought the first indications that the feature can already be used among the testing public. So, now we know that WhatsApp will allow the user to run audios at three speeds :

  • 1.0x
  • 1.5x
  • 2.0x

See below that the maximum will be 2.0x reproduction:

Changing the speed of audio playback will also be very simple because just touch the label and the application will skip to the next option.

For now, WhatsApp has not yet confirmed when the news will be brought to all users. Even so, version 2.21 .6.11 of the messenger is already being distributed among the beta audience on Android.

WhatsApp prepares a feature that speeds up the reproduction of voice messages

Yesterday (11), we saw that WhatsApp may soon receive direct integration with the Instagram Reels. The novelty may not have pleased many people, since the messenger has also caused controversy with its new terms of use.

However, the WhatsApp team knows that it is necessary to please users. For this reason, the WABetaInfo staff published this week that soon the app will end the headache of those who receive audios that go beyond 1 minute.

That’s because the platform is studying a feature that allows you to speed up the audio playback. The improvement is already being tested in the alpha version for Android and iOS, and will soon be made available to the beta public.

As much as Telegram has had this feature since 2018, it is important to note that WhatsApp – even late – is improving the experience of its users.

With the new feature, you’ll be able to speed up the two-minute message that your boring uncle sent you, for example.

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So far, WhatsApp has not yet confirmed the existence of the new functionality. Thus, we emphasize that it is necessary to have a little patience until the novelty is released to the public of the stable version of the application.

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