Xiaomi will solve a nuisance problem for those who do not like ads scattered in MIUI


MIUIXiaomi’s custom user interface – MIUI – has received a lot of praise from users in the past, but now faces many criticisms from the Android community taking into account the company’s strategy of stuffing the platform with ads.

However, the company recently announced that it will be optimizing to monitor the ads on MIUI.

This shows that ads at MIUI do not get the platform anywhere, even though it incites fury at users.Different models

In the words of CEO and co-founder of Xiaomi, the company will remove inappropriate ads and ads that detract from the user experience.

Taking advantage of the let, the General Manager of Internet Services of Xiaomi also said that the company is planning to reduce the number of ads in MIUI.

The company has already begun to reduce the number of advertising spaces and will further reduce gradually in the coming months.

The brand is also adding a new, easier configuration system in the MIUI tools to disable ads. Thus, in the coming months, Xiaomi intends to offer a more simple, beautiful and light MIUI.

Previously, the company had revealed that it is planning to use algorithms that can improve the ad reach rate and also ensure that users see only advertisements according to the personal taste of each.

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The Chinese technology company has revealed that the company’s largest source of revenue remains the handset market. However, the brand’s software and Internet services segment accounted for only 9.7% of the total revenue. This represents a timid growth based on a record of 9.1% in the last year.

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