Xiaomi releases new iOS app that improves integration with Mi Watch Color


XiaomiAfter launching the Mi Watch Color with eye-catching colors and good autonomy, Xiaomi finally managed to release the “Wear” app within the Apple App Store. The news comes after the Chinese giant has updated the watch with official support for iOS.

According to Ren Tian, ​​the company’s head of software, “Xiaomi Wear” can be used to manage a range of portable and smart devices. In addition, it is also a hub for checking other data such as sleep patterns and time on physical activity.

Also, despite having a lot of resemblance to Mi Fit, the new app is developed by Xiaomi herself and not by Huami. However, you can only use Xiaomi Wear with the new Mi Watch Color.

One of the curious points of the release of this application is that Xiaomi had already sent the first version to Apple. However, for some unknown reason, the Cupertino giant eventually rejected the software.

Now, with all pending issues resolved, Mi Watch Color owners will be able to take advantage of support for iPhone integration. Xiaomi also claims that a second major update to the watch has been released.

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The new update should fix a bug that drained the device battery. In addition, the company also talks about performance improvements and even new features. However, the changelog has not yet been released.


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