Xiaomi Introduces Redmi K30 with 5G and Galaxy S10 Plus-Inspired Display


Xiaomi The Redmi K20 family – or Mi 9T – is among the best selling by Xiaomi. That’s why the company recently announced that the next generation will be responsible for bringing 5G to its subsidiary. This was confirmed on Monday (14) at an event in China.

During the Redmi 8 family announcement, Lu Weibing, Redmi’s general manager, presented the first details of the future Redmi K30. According to the executive, this device will be the first of its kind to feature a dual front camera inside a hole in the OLED display.

The mechanism used by the Chinese follows the example of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. So when it hits the market in 2020, the Redmi K30 should be similar to South Korea’s top of the line. See some images of the event below:

In addition to the frontal look, the executive stressed that the K30 must support the dual 5G (SA / NSA). This means that the device can use the current 4G network to perform some background tasks, such as communication between towers and servers, for example.

When it comes to the processor, it should be powered by the Snapdragon 7250 chipset. Qualcomm has already announced that it will introduce new 700 Series options for intermediates to be equipped with the 5G network. Therefore, it seems that Redmi will be one of the first to count on the news.

Finally, talking about pricing, Weibing said the Redmi K30 will not be very affordable. Even so, its price should stand out among the devices that already have a 5G connection. For now, there is no official release date, but this should only happen in 2020.

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What did you think about the preview of the Redmi K30? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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