Xiaomi files solar panel smartphone patent to keep battery full


XiaomiXiaomi has just surprised the mobile market once again by letting a patent on the public showing a possible smartphone from the solar panel company, ensuring continuous charging of the phone without the need to plug it in, creating a product even Ecologically correct.

July 27, 2018, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) record shows a device that has a module for solar energy applied to the body of the device, not in the form of a case or other type of removable attachment.

Of the sketches attached in the document, the part that most catches the eye is the back, because it brings the card that will be responsible for keeping the smartphone battery seed charged. Accompanying this unprecedented feature are cameras, which form vertically aligned in a double set where there is a flash between the lenses, something similar to what Xiaomi did at the top of the line Mi 8.

Even though the main focus of this innovative device is the fact that it has a solar panel, this supposed device also leaves some points to pique the curiosity of who is more attuned to the technologies that are being applied in mobile phones in recent times.

Something interesting is on the front of the supposed product, where there is no notch, not even any hint that it can count on the pop-up or slide-shaped selfies camera. This may mean that in addition to the digital reader, the front photo lens can be applied under the device screen, indicating that this smartphone can be extremely advanced in many respects.

It is not yet clear whether Xiaomi will take the project forward, but the patent release makes the public alert for future releases of the company, as it has been a long time since the Chinese giant innovates surprisingly, something we saw a few years ago with the release of the first Mi Mix.

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So, dear reader, would you buy a cell phone with this kind of solar technology? Tell us in the comments!

Source: nl.letsgodigital.org

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