Xbox One Console Streaming is about to be released for Insider testing


Xbox As it prepares to begin testing Project xCloud from next October, Microsoft is about to try out its second new thing for game streaming: Xbox One Console Streaming. In the latest previous console updates released on Friday to Insider users in the Preview Alpha and Skip Ahead cycles, changelog says the feature is about to be released.

In the case of the first distribution ring, the build is 18363.8060. In the second, the compilation contemplated with the feature is 18992. When the new function becomes available, just go to Settings> Network Settings> Test console streaming.

Xbox One Console Streaming vs Project xCloud

Unlike Project xCloud – which uses the cloud as the basis for streaming the game – Xbox Console Streaming requires an internet connection and an Xbox One console – used as a server.

With the feature, in both transmission methods, the player can stream the title to the smartphone.

“We are preparing to launch Console Streaming (Preview)! Streaming Console is the new feature on the Xbox One platform that lets you stream installed Xbox One games (including Xbox Game Pass titles) to your phone or tablet right from your existing Xbox One. ”

Remember that changelog also indicates Microsoft console support for Google Assistant – as announced on Thursday (26). So far, there is no forecast for the final release of the new features.

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