Wireless and full of features! JBL launches Tune 220TWS for competitive price


JBL As the industry removes the wired headset connection from its releases, consumers are increasingly in need of a Bluetooth product. And well, there has been no lack of releases in that sense.

Arriving with a new device in this segment is the JBL with the Tune 220TWS. It is a boldly designed product offered in two pieces like the AirPods. Its drivers are 12mm, and its autonomy reaches three hours of continuous playback. A recharging case is capable of offering another 17h without having to go to the outlet.

Some interesting differentials include Siri or Google Assistant activation compatibility directly through the headphones, as well as buttons that allow media control on both plugs.

With Bluetooth 5.0 protocol for optimum signal stability, the product really stands out for its price: 99 euros for a JBL wireless headset, which usually charges a price for your brand. The launch could shake the market, already largely dominated by products like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, Apple’s AirPods and many others.

The product is being offered in Europe in Legitimate Black, Pure White, and Ocean Blue. JBL has a strong presence in our market primarily for speaker sales, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see this release coming in the future.

Remember, Apple should be very happy with the wireless headset market, which has redesigned AirPods for the launch of AirPods Pro and is having to expand its production line to meet demand. It is estimated that it will close the year selling 60 million units of the three generations of the product. Okay, right?

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And you, what did you think about the new release of JBL? Still, resist and use a wired headset? Tell us in the comments!


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