Windows Mixed Reality wins new advertisement video showing the possibilities of the platform


In preparation for the holiday season, Microsoft is investing in advertising to promote its mixed-reality platform: Windows Mixed Reality, which was released in conjunction with the Windows 10 Fall Creators update.

The company has unveiled a short 15-second video that will be linked to television commercials in the US as well and in the digital medium as YouTube, also in the United States.

In advertising, we can see three immersive scenarios where users play and interact with the environment through the controls of Lenovo’s mixed-reality headset Explorer. In the end, it appears next to the Lenovo gaming notebook, indicating that you will need a lot of power to enjoy all the features of Mixed Reality.

The platform shows Microsoft’s response to large companies that invest in the virtual reality market such as Google with Daydream and Steam with SteamVR. And even with a short lifespan, Windows Mixed Reality supports multiple headsets thanks to Microsoft partner companies such as Lenovo, HP, Acer, Dell, and Samsung.

In Brazil, none of these models are officially sold yet, so if you want to take advantage of Windows MR, you’ll need to wait a little longer or import a headset, but be aware that prices start at $ 399.

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