WhatsApp Updates Improves Audio Sharing


In one of its recent beta updates, WhatsApp has totally revamped its audio file sharing interface. Not only that, the update additionally redesign of thumbnails of documents shared on WhatsApp Web.

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In addition to refreshed design and evacuation of the terrible gray bottom bar, WhatsApp’s audio file sharing interface is practically improved. The locally accessible files are presently displayed with their duration and size on the left, while on the right there is additionally a button that allows you to play the file. This lets you rapidly preview the audio before sending it, so you don’t share something accidentally. You can tap and hold to select numerous audio files and send them in a bunch. And lastly, you can search for a file by name now.


The updated design took off with WhatsApp beta v2.19.89, but it’s also there in newer releases. You can snatch the most recent 2.19.99 from the Play Store or APK Mirror. One more change related to attachments was indicated out to us by our tipster: On WhatsApp Web, the Media pane for each discussion shows thumbnails for some file types in the Docs tab — same as inside the discussion itself.


The other new feature is for the documents sent. If you take a look at the section of documents sent and received to/from your contact on WhatsApp Web, you will see thumbnails for some file types, including text files, PDFs, or presentations.

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