WhatsApp beta brings option that allows you to set different wallpapers for individual chats


WhatsApp betaAfter correcting an issue that affected the beta audience, WhatsApp started testing with a feature that must request authentication with a fingerprint reader to open new sessions in the web version.

Shortly afterward, the WABetaInfo staff discovered that the messenger received version Despite no changes to the changelog, an analysis of the code is enough to know that WhatsApp wants to implement yet another novelty.

This time, in addition to allowing you to add doodles to wallpapers with solid colors, WhatsApp should also release an option so that the user can set a different wallpaper for each conversation.

For now, the novelty cannot yet be activated by the beta audience. Anyway, the feature is simple and he should not modify the chat wallpaper that already has a custom wallpaper.

So far, only the Android version has the news. However, soon the messenger can also take the feature to users on iOS.

WhatsApp beta tests feature that requires digital authentication for new web sessions

After receiving thousands of complaints related to the bug that “disappeared” with the latest emojis, WhatsApp beta got a new update this week. The information was confirmed by the WABetaInfo staff.

This time, version solves this problem that gave headaches to many people. Thus, users will finally gain greater stability in the use of WhatsApp on Android or iOS smartphones.

Another novelty presented by the messenger is still present only in the app code, but it can be activated soon. We are talking about using a fingerprint to authenticate a new session on WhatsApp Web.

As simple as it may seem, the new functionality has everything to make the user experience safer. That’s because only the smartphone owner will be able to activate a session on WhatsApp Web.

It may not seem like it, but there are cases where third parties use the user’s cell phone to create a new web section and stay “spying” on conversations.

For now, the novelty does not yet have a date to be brought to the beta public. Anyway, the new version of the application is already being distributed slowly and gradually through the Play Store.

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