US accuses Huawei of technology theft and illegal employee recruitment


Huawei Huawei has new problems in its battle with the US government. That’s because the Trump administration investigates more cases of intellectual property theft and even the recruitment of employees from competing companies for industrial espionage.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new charges have so far not been used by the US government. As a result, the Chinese giant may end up facing new trade barriers and even re-inclusion on the country’s “blacklist” of trade.

One investigation indicates that Huawei stole the smartphone camera technology developed by the Portuguese company Rui Oliveira. As a result, company executives are being heard so that the case can be set up and can be used on a formal charge.

On another front, Huawei is investigated for creating a list of employees that could be removed from the competition, starting with telecommunications equipment makerEricsson. Engineer Robert Read, who worked at Huawei’s Swedish headquarters between 2002 and 2003, even admitted that this was his job.

In a statement, he also said he hid equipment produced by competitors with the intention of sending them to Huawei expert analysis. Thus, it was possible to reverse engineer and copy certain technological aspects. The US government must also indict the company for its reward program.

According to sources, Huawei provided bonuses to employees who “collected competitor information,” a practice prohibited by law. For now, we do not know what the consequences will be for Huawei, but the company said:

We respect the integrity of the intellectual property rights of our business and our partner and competing companies.

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Remember that the Trump administration has been choking the Chinese by ignoring the request of 130 companies that want to continue negotiating with her.

Source: WSJ


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