Twitch launches MacOS app for streaming games directly from Apple devices


TwitchTwitch has just launched a novelty for users who use the Apple ecosystem to embark on the gaming world. For those who resort to apple desktops or notebooks to play games, the company announced Twitch Studio: a game streaming platform that can be installed on devices running the macOS system.

The application, which is still in the testing phase, allows players to broadcast their matches very easily. The software has automatic hardware detection – such as cameras and microphones – for quick selection of configurations, which also have a step-by-step guide with tips for the best transmission quality.

Through the application it is also possible to transmit the audio from the microphone and the system, allowing the viewer to hear the game’s audio and also to the player’s comments. In addition, it allows the creation of chat alerts to expand the integration between the gamer and his viewers, in addition to having other elements to engage the audience.

Another highlight of the application is the possibility of connecting it to the iPhone or iPad to stream games through their respective systems and play directly on mobile devices.

Twitch Studio is now available for download on the company’s official website, at this link. However, it is worth noting that, as it is in the testing phase, some instabilities or errors may be present.

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Another novelty that Twitch released this month is the availability of its app in the application stores of LG Smart TVs.

Source: macmagazine

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