TV linked while sleeping contributes to weight gain, says research


TV linked while sleeping contributes to weight gain says researchAfter a study claims that smartphone use can affect bone lengthening in the skull, new research claims that sleeping with the TV on can generate weight gain in the user.

According to the publication in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, the existence of any light source in the place where you fall asleep can interfere in the mass of the person. The result of the survey indicates that the gain may be approximately 4 kg.Research has identified weight gain in people who usually sleep with television on

Until then, there was only the knowledge that television would disturb sleep. However, the study goes beyond a simple nuisance and puts the light of TV as a risk factor for the development of obesity.

The intention of the researchers is to continue the study, to understand how the effect is applied in the person and what are the measures that can be taken to reduce these interferences in the medium and long term.

It is worth mentioning that some techniques can even help those who can only sleep with some light source on – and wish to change them. Among the methods are music, aromas and even changes in food.

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The survey had the participation of 43,722 women, aged between 35 and 74 years. Data collection took place over five years.



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