TSMC lawsuit could affect chip manufacturing for Apple, Google and more companies


TSMCWhile it may manufacture components in 5 nm lithography in the future for Qualcomm, TSMC has found itself in a current problem that could affect other technology giants. The Taiwanese company was sued by GlobalFoundries for alleged infringement of 16 patents.

According to the company – which provides services to AMD – the competitor allegedly committed 13 records within the United States and three in Germany. The lawsuit is to block TSMC chip imports into the United States.

In practice, companies like Apple and Google would be directly affected. That’s because of the company’s chips power devices like iPhones and Google Pixel smartphones, respectively. In addition, NVIDIA would also lose its main provider, as would ASUS, Broadcom, Cisco, HiSense, Lenovo, MediaTek, Motorola, OnePlus, Qualcomm and TCL.

According to GlobalFoundries vice president of engineering and technology Gregg Bartlett, the process aims to protect your company’s manufacturing base in both US and European territory.

“These processes aim to protect these investments and the US and European-based innovation behind them. For years, we have devoted billions of dollars to domestic research and development, while TSMC has been reaping the benefits of our investments illegally. This is critical to prevent Taiwan Semiconductor’s illegal use of our vital assets and safeguard the US and European manufacturing base. ”

Gregg Bartlett

Vice President of Engineering and Technology, GlobalFoundries

Although still in its infancy, should TSMC be defeated in court, the technology market is likely to undergo major changes.

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