To use without fear! Sony Xperia 1 II features function to play with power from the outlet


Sony Xperia 1 IIThe XDA Developers website today revealed to have discovered the existence of a fantastic function in the new Xperia 1 II for those who like to play heavy titles on the smartphone. The Sony device brings the so-called HS Power Control, with HS being an abbreviation for Heat Suppression, which allows users to use the power of the charger without charging the battery, keeping the phone running in heavy use without having component degradation.

The technology is part of the manufacturer’s Game Enhancer mode and can be enabled or disabled in individual applications. The publication points out that intense heat can be a serious problem, reducing the number of charge cycles of the smartphone. This is not the first feature developed by the Japanese giant to maintain battery health: the interface of its devices has a function that reduces the charging speed to extend its life.

The Sony Xperia 1 II has plenty of power for the heaviest Play Store titles, featuring a Snapdragon 865 processor, 6.5 “21: 9 4K OLED screen with 3840×1644 pixel resolution, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, front camera 8MP, the rear set of three Zeiss lenses with 12MP main sensor, 12MP ultra-wide and also 12MP telephoto, 4,000mAh battery and Android 10.

Announced in February, the device has yet to reach all markets where it will be sold but had its sales start date and official price in the US leaked in an advertisement by the famous retailer B&H, confirmed shortly after by the manufacturer itself. The Xperia 1 II arrives in early July, costing $ 1,199, or around R $ 6,500.

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Even today, Sony also confirmed that an event will take place next Thursday, June 4, in which it will reveal several news about games for the PlayStation 5. It remains to be seen, however, whether the company will show more details of the console itself.

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