There is bag! Site simulates when it would spend to change iPhone annually


iPhoneIt is undeniable that every tech buff’s dream to switch smartphones annually, being able to take advantage of the best hardware and the latest innovations without having to worry about the obsolescence of their device. However, few have stopped to analyze how much it would take to make this possible.

Thinking about it, the website declutter decided to do a study evaluating how much would be disbursed to achieve the dreamy annual smartphone upgrade, based on one of the most desired in the market, the Apple iPhone.

The first point to be quoted is that the simulation in question considered that annually, a user would switch iPhone from 18 to 81 years, that is, just over 60 years of constant updates even if it is known that the average useful life of a device is approximately 4 years.

Taking into account only the acquisition of the device (not including plans and other costs in the account), the user would spend approximately US $ 45,408, being this amount already net and deducting that obtained by the previous generation through purchase and sale services. This amount, however, more than doubles when considering the inclusion of telephone plans, totaling a total of US $ 103,000.iPhone XS Max

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Another interesting aspect in the survey made by the site is that at the end of the simulation, an iPhone could possibly cost more than $ 6,000, something that does not seem so far from what is charged today by an iPhone XS Max in the American market (worth remembering that this was released for $ 1,099).



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