The pocket thanks! Vivo Easy is cheaper after package change


Vivo Presented to the consumer market in November 2015, Vivo Easy came with the proposal to offer advanced control of your smartphone service spending, allowing you to purchase internet packages, applications and more for a fixed price.

One of the key advantages of the plan is that the services purchased (in particular, internet packages) are not valid, letting users know that they do not necessarily need to be consumed within a month, making it more consistent with the amount paid.

However, these plans have always been considered expensive, raising the question of those who adhered to the application plan, something that at least apparently was finally observed by the operator itself, and the values ​​for internet packets have been reduced recently.

With 9 options available, the user will be able to contract between 1 and 100GB for values ​​that vary between R $ 15,00 and R $ 200, being evident that, the bigger the purchased package, the smaller the amount paid on average (see the fact that 1GB of internet being equivalent to $ 2 in the most expensive plan).

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To join Vivo Easy, the user must have an active prepaid line with the operator and download the official application for the registration of personal and financial data.

So, what did you think about the new values ​​for Vivo Easy? Tell us in the comments!


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