The Best Android Apps of 2019


With a huge number of apps on the Play Store, searching for the best among them is overwhelming. Regardless of whether you need a great weather app or a new instrument to speed up your productivity, there are always dozens accessible. We’ve invested hours curating the top Android apps for each purpose and compiled simply the best of them into one rundown.

The best Android apps of 2019

Google Trips

The Trips app has been around for some time, yet in 2018 Google rolled out a huge update that significantly improved this app for me. It pulls data from Maps, Flights, Hotels, and Gmail – there are times when the all-seeing, all-knowing Google information gathering machine is helpful – to give you custom fitted holidays plans.


What I adore about the app is the manner by which all of the information is. You truly can deal your whole trip from one place – getting an outline of your reservations, giving lists of things to do, just as data about getting around your destination. You can likewise download your destinations so that you can get access to all highlights offline.

Period Tracker Flo, Pregnancy & Ovulation Calendar

This period tracking app is extremely easy to use. Simple and clear. It just offers the basic data and it doesn’t bother you with notifications. You enter your period dates and if you need – and for a better examination of your symptoms – share information about how you feel (mood, sexual activity, exercise, sleep…) with the app.


It offers you related articles with helpful facts you need to find out about, in order to improve living with your period. They likewise some menstruation myths.

When you open the app, you get data on which phase you are in (ovulation and so on) and it additionally offers you info about the fact that you are to get pregnant. So aside from your period, it is additionally a good app if you are going after for a baby, informing you about your most fertile days.

Speak freely with these messenger apps for Android

Smartphones are used for messaging considerably more than for calls, so there is a lot of messaging apps to meet this demand. One of them is our favorites.



No messaging app comes close to the number of users WhatsApp has, yet there are some extraordinary choices out there. Telegram is one of them. The free app has started to finish encryption, offers group discussions and is a pioneer of chatbots. In contrast to some different messengers, you can likewise use it on numerous devices.

Price: Free

Transform your typing with new keyboard apps

Typing on mobile can be frustrating or awkward for a considerable many of us, and that’s a disgrace in light of the fact that most clients don’t think about ditching their default keyboard. Installing a new keyboard can truly change your life when it comes to how comfortable you are using your phone.


This keyboard is one of the best for quick, accurate typing. Once you use it for a few hours, you realize how valuable some of the smaller details are.


Be sure check out a portion of the extensions like the invisible keyboard as well — it works shockingly well. Download it from the Play Store for free now.



If you are searching for an exceptionally special virtual keyboard for Android, you will discover one here. SwiftKey works wonderfully with tablets, and if you only want a good Android keyboard, it offers natural operation, very good spell checking and word acknowledgment.

Whatever the weather, there’s an app to warn you what’s coming

There are a lot of incredible weather apps accessible. Some are more exact and better looking than the ones that come pre-installed on your Android gadget, so they are worth checking out.

Today Weather

One of the simplest weather apps and one of the cleanest in terms of UI- Today Weather. It’s another offering that truly impressed us this year. The app pulls climate data from a source of your choice. Options incorporate popular services such as Weather Underground, AccuWeather, and Dark Sky.


You can likewise set alerts to tell you when it is going to rain or if you’d recently like a daily update in the morning.

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Weather Underground

w underground smol

Weather Underground is an app specialized in following hyper-local weather and temperatures in your area. It uses its own system of around 180,000 private weather stations to accomplish this. Predictions have a decent record of accuracy and caution you of rain in the surrounding area.


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