Thanks Android! Overwatch appears in video running on the Nintendo Switch


Nintendo SwitchIn February this year, developers were able to run Android Q on the Nintendo Switch. This ability to be customizable from the hybrid console enabled another feat: running the Overwatch game.

Twitter’s switch root user showed the progress in a video posted to his account. The title is played through NVIDIA GameStream, which lets you stream from PC to another device. Check below:

Although the “hard work” of the graphics is done on the computer, it is possible to verify from the recording that the quality of streaming on the Nintendo console and the latency seems satisfactory.

A few years ago, Overwatch fans have asked Blizzard for a version of the game for Switch. However, despite the director of the game, Jeff Kaplan, declaring that he is open about the idea, nothing has officially occurred so far.

Developers have increasingly perfected the Android port to the Japanese manufacturer’s video game after bug fixes, Wi-Fi compatibility and sound and touch operation.

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But there are still other features on the radar, such as automatic rotation, overclock management, an optimized launcher for external control and handheld Joycon support.



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