TCL confirms first folding smartphone, only that it is more for tablet


TCLThe Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show officially opens its doors starting this Tuesday (07) and many companies have already taken care of presenting the main products that will be available to the public during the days of the event. Among them is TCL, which unveiled not only its line 10 smartphones but also a folding smartphone that is not quite a smartphone.

Still, in a prototype state, as well as the other folding gadgets exhibited by the manufacturer in 2019, the company’s device is officially listed as a ” Foldable Smartphone Concept”, but as we can see in the renders released by the company. , the handset has a single large screen that folds inward.

It’s easy to understand why Samsung calls the Galaxy Fold a folding smartphone: although it has a glorious folding internal screen that can be used as a small tablet, it also offers a fixed external screen that resembles traditional bar-shaped devices. However, TCL decided to bet only on the folding internal screen and set aside the practicality of the external display.

This makes the TCL-planning smartphone more like a folding tablet: no matter what interaction you want to make with the device, only the large internal screen is usable. The user can fold the handset into a pocket as the small size helps with mobility, but it offers no way to use the device in a “smartphone model.”

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TCL’s concept is still just that: a concept, and of course many things can change until the final product launches. In the preliminary renders of the project, we can see four rear cameras and plenty of free space so the company can add an external screen to the second segment of the device and then call it a folding smartphone. Until then, in essence, it remains a folding tablet, no matter the marketing behind the project.


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