Surprising Screen Sizes for Apple’s iPhone Triple-Camera 2019 


While Apple clearly announces a new iPhone generation anytime in the near future, the development of the company’s XS, XS Max, and XR sequels has already begun months ago, with actual production to pursue at some point this summer in front of a traditional fall release. That means well-associated insiders may already know a thing or two about Cupertino’s 2019 redesign plans, but unfortunately, it’s not always easy to transfer these reliable sources detailing trustworthy data from the false prophets relaying mere guesses and unwarranted speculation.


Of course, the reputation and track record of specific leakers and analysts, like Steve Hemmerstoffer and Ming-Chi Kuo, generally makes their predictions ascend over the crowd.  At that point you have blogs like Japan’s Macotakara, which are sometimes wrong and sometimes directly hinting new iPhone designs and features, making our lives pretty troublesome as we try to offer you the most complete and solid image of what’s to come.

3 Cameras, 2 OLED Screens, Five Models?!

According to the latest report of Macotakara’s it is a lit tle confusing that it fails to specifically mention how many iPhone models are in the pipeline in 2019. We were normally expecting three, legitimately following in the footsteps of 2018’s iPhone XS, XS MAX and XR, however, this new batch of gossips could be translated to anticipate as many as five distinct variants, just two of which will sport triple rear-facing camera units.

Again, a more practical understanding would be that Apple is simply outfitting up to release a refreshed iPhone XR with

  • two shooters on its back
  • An LCD panel of unspecified size

As well as iPhone XS and XS Max sequels with

  • 6.1 and 6.5-inch OLED screens respectively.

The iPhone XI is tipped to go up facing the “regular” Samsung Galaxy S10, actually pressing between

  • the 5.8-inch XS and 6.1-inch XR in terms of its footprint.

But where might that leave the iPhone XR (2019)? We honestly have no idea, however, maybe Apple is planning a size increase for that model after all.


What seems pretty much scratched in stone is that Apple has no intention to keep the three rear cameras exclusive to the largest 2019 iPhone version. Both that and its little OLED sibling are relied on to rock “large lens units” with expanded sensor sizes as well. There’s no new word on the actual design of this camera arrangement, but all ongoing signs are pointing towards a divisive square with a pronounced protrusion.

Thinner body, Cables, and Fast Charging

Regardless of whether we’re looking at three or five iPhone 11 variants, it’s more likely to expect another Lightning-connected generation. Apple may have switched to USB-C ports for 2018 iPad Pros, but the best we can expect to the extent 2019’s iPhones are concerned is to get a USB-C to lightning cable in the box. Also, a speedy 18W USB-C power adapter that’s currently sold for $29 independently from 2018 iPhones.


Of course, there’s a strong possibility just these triple-camera versions with OLED screens will get such included as standard, close by bilateral wireless charging. The last feature would be a replica of Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare functionality and Huawei’s Wireless Reverse Charging technology, allowing you to extravagant your new Airpods straight from your new iPhone.

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At the last, Macotakara also claims that the 6.1-inch next-gen OLED iPhone could be around 0.15 mm thinner than the already slender 7.7 mm XS, while the 6.5-inch is anticipated to beat the thinness of the 7.7 mm XS Max by a significant 0.4 mm. That sounds incredible as long as Apple can figure out a new way to also boost two battery capacity.



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