Surprise! Apple releases iOS 13.1 beta, watchOS 6 beta 9 and tvOS 13 beta 8 for developers


Apple A few hours ago Apple surprised everyone with the release of iOS 13.1 Beta – while Apple’s upcoming platform, iOS 13, just a few days ago won its eighth test version, of course, the expected arrival of beta 9 this week.

But instead, Apple decided to jump to iOS 13.1 and iPad OS 13.1, which indicates that the final versions of the system are already ready and finished, just waiting for the right date to be released (ie next month).

Even developer Steve Troughton-Smith was surprised to note the arrival of iOS 13.1 as a sign that the apple had already completed iOS 13 development, as we can see in the following tweet.

In addition to the version in question for upcoming iPhone and iPad systems, the Cupertino giant also released the eighth version of tvOS 13, which had not arrived in conjunction with Beta 8 from other platforms last week. The system arrives via build 17J5564c, with refinements to user experience and bug fixes.

Interestingly, watchOS 6 Beta 9 was also made available to developers registered with the Apple Developer Program, which makes macOS Catalina the only platform that has lagged a bit behind in development this week.

We are very careful when installing watchOS 6 Beta 9 because, until then, there is no way to downgrade Apple’s smartwatch system – so if you want it to go back to the stable platform, you will have to send it to Apple.

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Please note that at this time, the versions cited in this article are only available for download on devices linked to Developer accounts registered with the Apple Developer Center. In the next few hours, the apple should release a Public Beta of the platforms.

Source: cultofmac

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