Supposed leaking Apple Watch Series 5 shows design identical to predecessor


Apple WatchWe know that Apple is planning a big event for September when we should get to know not only the iPhone XI and its variants, but also a new version of Apple’s smartwatch, Apple Watch.

Previous rumors confirm that Apple is working on a model with few design changes (despite the possible inclusion of ceramic and titanium versions ), and a recent leak reinforced this information.

A post by Instagrammer Steven Huon (which apparently caused him to “lock” his personal account after posting) and released by Slashleaks shows what will possibly be the next edition of the watch, as we can see below.

Note that the model is running WatchOS 6.0 – which recently won its eighth trial version – and is a model with mobile network connectivity, after all, you can see the name of the mobile operator Orange.

With such similar designs, how can you tell that this model is the new Apple Watch and not simply the current version? It’s simple, just look at the template code.

In Apple’s recent EEC registrations the new Apple Watch is identified by model codes A2156, A2157, A2092, and A2093.

Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that the image is just a manipulation done on an Apple Watch Series 4, but that, unfortunately, we can’t say with 100% certainty.

Either way, it seems that from Monos compared to Apple Watch, the apple will focus more on the user experience than on a new design – because it has already introduced a redesign with the arrival of the current model, which has brought a lot of edges. thinner.

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In addition to the new watch model, the Cupertino giant is also expected to officially release new versions of the (even more expensive) AirPods, which would bring noise-canceling certification that ensures water resistance.

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