Steam takes drastic steps to avoid reselling keys


Valve decided this Friday (18) to take a drastic step to avoid reselling Steam keys in other services. From now on, the company will no longer automatically generate game access codes from orders made by its developers.

Steam takes drastic steps to avoid reselling keys

According to the company, it will give a “deeper look” at a game before meeting the requests made by the creators who publish their products on the platform. Among the factors that will be taken into consideration is the current sales number: the number of keys released will have to be “aligned” with the commercial performance of a security.

To exemplify how this process can be “tampered with,” the company cited a hypothetical case of a game that sold a few thousand copies whose developer asked for 500,000 access keys. By “stopping” this distribution, the company wants to prevent malicious companies from picking up these codes and selling them to third-party sites that often offer bundled games.

The reason for this is clear: Valve still has to bear the cost of hosting games purchased through these alternative means, but it does not receive any part of the money it purchases. What remains unclear is whether this decision will have a major impact on the keys that are distributed by developers to the media and other content generators that do game reviews.

Steam takes drastic steps to avoid reselling keys

The decision also seeks to curb the activities of breeders who sell low-priced, low-priced games whose survival often depends on bundles sold at very low prices on other sites. However, this can also affect small, independent teams that do honest work and could not survive financially without resorting to these means.

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