Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy S10 Case: Better than ever


These days’ phone cases become a very important thing for everyone who wants to save his phone from scratches especially for expensive flagships like the Galaxy S10, these are a necessity. We can understand that your phone may look shiny and cool without anything covering it, but it’s going to be a mess in a second if you drop it.

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If you want a case that gives protection to your phone which you need and also manages to look pretty awesome then Spigen Neo Hybrid should be the top priority of your wish list.

Spigen cases have been completely redesigned for the Galaxy S10 series, and without a doubt, it is one of the best accessories you can buy for your phone. Here’s the full review of Spigen cases.

Spigen Neo Hybrid

A must-have case for the Galaxy S10.

Spigen’s newly redesigned Neo Hybrid is one of the best choices you’ll find for the Galaxy S10. It offers great protection and a unique design with an added grip with the price which you’ll love. You don’t get much better than this.


  • Two layers of protection
  • Slim profile
  • Unique design/texture
  • Fun color options
  • Great price


  • Button covers are difficult to press
  • Not the easiest to take on/off

Spigen Neo Hybrid for Galaxy S10 what you like

If you’ve used Spigen in the past, you can notice that this version Spigen (Neo Hybrid case) looks different from past Spigen cases which are released by the company.  It is because of currently Spigen is using the S10 to debut its complete redesign for the series.

At its core, this version is functionally the same as its predecessors. There are two layers which are

  • a shock-absorbing hard plastic
  • TPU rubber61BAT1NDUOL._SX569_

It offers incredible protection against drops and falls. The back of the case now has a new pattern that looks a lot better and still maintaining the same great grip. The company also did a great job by making sure that the Neo Hybrid fits the Galaxy S10 perfectly. The sides of the case don’t interfere at all with the curved display, the cutouts of the headphone jack and USB-C port are precise, and it fits perfectly to S10 like a glove. Wireless charging works perfectly on Samsung Galaxy S10 even when the case is on.

This includes charging the S10 on a Qi charger or using its Wireless PowerShare feature to top-up your Galaxy Buds or another phone. I received the Gunmetal and Midnight Black colors for this review, and they’re great options if you’re in the market for something more subdued. However, if it were my money, I’d go for Burgundy or Arctic Blue.

Spigen Neo Hybrid for Galaxy S10 what you don’t like

There’s not a lot about this case to dislike, but something that can be annoying is the button covers.

Just like to past versions of the Neo Hybrid, this case has a button covers that require you to use more force for the power, volume, and Bixby buttons compared to using S10 without cover. Spigeon’s Rugged Armor S10 Case doesn’t have this issue, leading me to believe it has to do with the Neo Hybrid’s dual-layer design.


It is not easy to take the Neo Hybrid case on and off of the Galaxy S10. It takes a couple of seconds it’s a bit tougher to apply than other cases out there.

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Spigen Neo Hybrid for Galaxy S10 should you buy it?

Yes, you should buy the Spigen Neo Hybrid case for the Galaxy S10.

When you reviewed and used this case you will definitely recommend it to everyone. It holds true once more for the Neo Hybrid for the S10.


Everything about this case is about as good as it gets. It offers great protection and keep your phone safe and looks great because it comes in a bunch of colors. The best thing is that it sold at a price that you think most people will be just fine with.

I’ve still got a few other cases to review for the S10, but in between those, this is the one that’ll be staying on the phone.


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