SpaceX launches Falcon 9 rocket successfully and puts three more satellites in orbit


SpaceX launches Falcon 9 rocketSpaceX today launched its famous Falcon 9 rocket into space, with the goal of leaving three more orbiting satellites belonging to the Canadian Space Agency. The ship returned safely to Earth and landed on the same base from which it left: Vanderberg of the US Air Force in California.

The satellites are part of the Radarsat Constellation mission. Canada wants to get information from its coastal regions – land and water – over the country, with the view of the orbiting equipment. In addition, they must operate approximately 400 miles above.

Among the goals is to collect data on sea ice in nearby oceans and the Great Lakes. In this way, seafarers sailing in the Arctic and scientists interested in studying the impact of climate change in the region could be better informed.

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The first satellite was placed in space 55 minutes after launch. About three minutes later, it was time for the second to be released. Finally, the third was in orbit with an hour and two minutes. The entire mission can be seen in the following player:

The trio is not the pioneer in satellites released in space by the Falcon 9 rocket. An earlier example was NASA’s TESS in April this year.



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