Snapchat Rebuilt its Android Applications to not be a Laggy Mess


If you’ve ever used Snapchat Android application, you’ll realize that there’s a ton of room to get better. While Snapchat’s pushed out various updates over the years to make the experience as good as can be, the application is frequently laggy with slow performance — even on some flagship phones.


Thankfully, with the update that’s taking off as of April 8, things should start to get a lot to improve.

This most recent update about Snapchat is a completely rebuilt version of Snapchat for Android, and although it doesn’t look any different visually or outwardly it’s entirely different under the hood. While we’ve yet to confirm it ourselves, this should make Snapchat on Android just as quick and smooth as its iOS counterpart.

Talking about iOS, the rewrite should also take into consideration that for better feature parity between the two app versions which means that the Android app will get new features as they’re released for iOS and not weeks or months later. In an interview with Android authority, Snap Vice President of Product Jacob Andreou said that:

With this new foundation, I wouldn’t be shocked if you really see things starting to come to Android even before iOS sometimes.


Snapchat updates are slowly moving forward to its way to Android users but it is not still clear that whether it will help the Snapchat Android user or not, however, company is trying to be optimistic about the future of Snapchat for Android.

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We sat down with Snapchat’s SVP, designer Jerry Hunter, director of engineering Gustavo Moura, and VP of product Jacob Andreou, along with PR rep Shannon Kelly to talk about the journey Snapchat took from its unique application to the completely rewritten version rolling out now. I’m not a Snapchat user myself these days, however,  if any of you are, you should get the update soon if you haven’t already.


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