Small and dangerous: hacker steals data from NASA for almost a year through Raspberry Pi


Small and dangerousRaspberry Pi is gaining a new version that gives interested parties up to 4GB of RAM. The product is extremely discreet and uses applicability only depends on the user’s imagination, and this news is an example of this.

NASA realized that thanks to one of these connected in its network in the jet propulsion laboratory several files were subtracted by an attacker that took no less than 500 MB of sensitive information.

The most curious is that the infiltrator remained with access to the local network for ten months without being noticed. At that time he had access to 23 files, including two of high military secrecy involving US space technology.

The lab, which is based in Pasadena, Calif., Had no idea that the device was connected to the NASA network. After the episode, other unsafe gadgets were discovered there, part of which was inserted by employees who did not take proper care of the space agency’s protocols. This is how Pi ended up being the pivot of this problem, inclusively.

In a report that demonstrated the problem, the space agency promises to improve the cybersecurity of its facilities including the Jet Propulsion Lab, highlighting how crucial it is to defend the integrity of the information and its confidentiality.

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It is worth remembering, in February Brazilian hackers invaded a subdomain of NASA and … they threw Doom through it.



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