Slinternet: regionalization of the internet will require more business planning


SlinternetIt is no longer today that we have seen the advent of the gradual extension of regulation by countries and regions to the internet, on the grounds that it is necessary to preserve the sovereignty of data, which includes the privacy and location of data of its inhabitants.

This segregation, which now reaches more than 30 regions/countries, generates the need for companies to better plan and understand each of the norms imposed in the markets where they operate, in order to mitigate problems with governments and regulators.

Cases such as China’s Cyber ​​Security Law, the GDPR created by the European Union and even the General Data Privacy Act (GDP’s version of the GDPR, also known as the LGPD) are clear examples of the way the Internet is being traced.

In this sense, we can consider the American technology market to be the main impediment, since other regions are constantly imposing their force against companies based in the country, with recent examples for the European Union processes against Apple , Microsoft , Facebook and Google (for citing some of the main players in the world market), thus generating a fine that rotates between 0.5 and 4% of its total annual revenues in fines.

With this, more and more, companies need to study more the market they intend to enter, extrapolating the hitherto standard of “common” taxes and laws to include also how their Internet operations can benefit (or undermine) their operations in new countries.

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Obviously, regional firms (which operate in only one area or country) may partially benefit from this, since they will not need to invest heavily in the adjustments needed to expand operations in other markets, but the future seems to be increasingly complex for those who wish to offer something connected to the internet, be it a product or service.

Source: thenextweb 


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