Short comings of Samsung Galaxy S10 line(shorter battery life, overheated units and butt-dials)


According to the post on Reddit and Samsung U.S. community forum made by owners of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 line, the accidental touch protection feature on the phone is not working properly.Issue-with-Samsung-Galaxy-S10-line-results-in-shorter-battery-life-overheated-units-and-butt-dials

This includes the “Block accidental touches” option that is supposed to keep the display off when the phone is in a dark place, like a user’s pocket or in a purse. The latter uses the handset’s proximity sensor. As a result, not only is the phone butt-dialing random peoples when they pulled devices out of their pants pockets, the dialer is often on the display with a bunch of numbers, letters and symbols dialed in. Some of these are blaming the placement of the proximity sensor, which is found easily on the status bar just above the “%” symbol which is used to show how much battery life is.

Galaxy S10 users say that Samsung Galaxy S10 takes screenshots, opens apps and even turns on the flashlight while they are in a pocket or a purse. The is quite an achievement for a cell phone since it requires the screen to be dragged down twice and the flashlight icon to be pressed.display

Some users said that they can feel the handsets are vibrating in their pockets and when the devices are pulled out from there, they are running hot and the battery is draining faster than it should be. The failure of the accidental touch protection feature leads to some embarrassing moments. For example, a Galaxy S10 owner didn’t realize that his phone had butt-dialed the police emergency number and When he returned home the cops were there asking if he had an emergency.

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While Samsung forum is certainly aware of this issue but there is no reaction from them. But Samsung is working on a software update that will fix these problems. For now, if disabling some of the features does not help you then might you want to consider topping off the battery before you head out just in case your Galaxy S10 lines screen stays on while in your pocket and consume battery life. This might not stop the phone from butt-dialing, but it could prevent the battery from dying too quickly from dialing.


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