Share! Dropbox launches its We Transfer alternative, but with some limitations


Dropbox Dropbox is officially launching its newest file sharing tool.

Until then Dropbox Transfer was available to a small portion of cloud storage and sharing service users. It is inspired by WeTransfer and many other temporary file-sharing services, but with some limitations, if you don’t pay to have the service.

For example, anyone with a free Dropbox account can upload files up to 100 MB to share freely. This file will be available for seven days, during which time the user will have access to a panel with the number of times the document has been downloaded, for example. You can also customize the download page with a logo and wallpaper, ideal for business.

If you want to share a larger file, Dropbox Plus and Business Standard accounts can upload data up to 2 GB, and even set the expiration date for longer terms like 30, 60 or 90 days.

Anyone with a Professional, Business Advanced, Enterprise, or Education account can set up the same periods, but uploading files up to 100 GB.

Dropbox Transfer is now available to all users, subject to the limitations of each plan listed above. Just sign in to your account and set how you want to upload a file: to your cloud, or to make it available on the internet to anyone.

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And you see great use in this new tool? Tell us in the comments!

Source: SlashGear


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