Security: Instagram works on two-factor authentication without using SMS



Among the various information that could be stolen by hackers is access to the Instagram account. This is because one of the two-factor authentication options offered is a code sent via SMS. Cybercriminals would get the data when the SIM card is attacked.

Instagram sources have now told TechCrunch that they have been working on a two-step verification system without using text messages. The future platform of the social network would be compatible with security applications, such as Google Authenticator or the Duo, through a special code on a single phone.

We continue to improve the security of Instagram’s accounts, including strengthening two-factor authentication.”

Instagram spokesperson

In an analysis in the APK code of the social network application for Android, a prototype of the feature was discovered, entitled to images of the security options. Check below:

It is expected that other applications in the future will also follow the steps of Instagram and create alternative solutions to two-factor verification without using text messages.

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It is worth remembering that the social network has also begun testing adaptive icons on Android since last week.

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Source: Techcrunch

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