Scrcpy 1.9 is released with possibility to mirror screen with display off


Scrcpy 1.9Seen by many as an important function in smartphones (which led Microsoft to invest in its achievement through the application ” Your phone ” especially seen in Windows Insider ), the screen mirroring is still well away from the vast majority of users due to a restricted list of devices compatible with the function.

However, alternative versions begin to appear and one of the most interesting views so far is called Scrappy, which began to be developed in 2017 and has recently reached its version 1.9 with the implementation of a series of news, which includes as main highlight Mirroring even when the smartphone screen is off.

Check out the full changelog of the new version available:

  • Added feature to turn off screen during mirroring
  • Added copy of clipboard from device to computer
  • Added copy of the clipboard from computer to device
  • Find scrcpy-server.jar in the correct directory in Windows
  • Fix mouse focus by clicking
  • Do not minimize the window of loss of focus
  • Disable Composer X11 Bypass
  • Continue injecting text into the failed character
  • Connect the Home key to MOVE_HOME instead of the HOME screen
  • Do not collide if expansion / collapse panels are not supported
  • Do not switch on the appliance if it is set -no-control
  • Improvements in framerate counting
  • Adding the runtime option to render expired frames (that is, not jumping frames)
  • Downgrade SDL to 2.0.8 on Windows
  • Update FFmpeg to 4.1.3 on Windows
  • Update the platform tools to 29.0.1 (adb)

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Interested in getting more information about Scrappy v1.9 as well as downloading can access the project page within GitHub, through the link below.





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