Samsung vs. Apple: Study Shows Clear Winner When It Comes to Fastest Modem


SamsungSamsung and Apple have always faced each other even if indirectly aiming to win consumers from each other. Both provide high-end smartphones, but an unprecedented study by OpenSignal has revealed that there is a clear winner when it comes to internet speed.

But take it easy: We all know that neither is a mobile operator. But the quality of the modems built into them in their phones can be a defining variable of the experience.

And that’s what the OpenSignal study revealed: 117 billion reviews across more than 23 million smartphones worldwide between April 1 and June 30. What this proved is that Samsung is emerging when it comes to connection speed.

It wins in 14 out of 40 markets reported, while Apple wins at 7. In the remaining 19, they draw at each other when Huawei doesn’t get into the cake either.

The numbers of only the three largest smartphone manufacturers in the market were revealed, and another curiosity that is evident is that Huawei disappointed, not winning the leadership in any of the regions.

Samsung beats Apple even in the United States, Apple’s home.

In the midst of 5G global warming, Apple is starting to think about modifying its iPhones. She bought the Intel division of these products. One study had already pointed out that even when we talk about 4G its devices are far from disappointing, but in deep analysis, they fall behind in terms of connection compared to the top of the line Android.

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The company is also the only one of the three compared in this study that does not have a 5G smartphone. And by rumors about the 2019 iPhones, it should only present its first with this capability in 2020.

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