Samsung Galaxy A50, A8 and A3 (2016) are updated with January security package


Samsung Galaxy A50Samsung is releasing the security package for the month of January 2021 for several users, making it possible to take advantage of new features, as well as have greater protection in the use of Android on a daily basis, since the system is always finding new vulnerabilities to be addressed.

Recently, the Galaxy A50, A8 (2018) and A3 (2016) devices started to receive the patch, allowing users to have their OS more protected from possible threats that can affect both usability and data security, something that has been much targeted by malicious applications.

The A50 model is being contemplated with the compilation that meets the code A505FNXXS5BTLA, which only delivers the January package with the corrections normally listed by Samsung, which vary in the level of danger to the system, but usually end up not being easily detected by users.

However, many are still waiting for One UI 2.5, which has already been released to South Korea and other Asian countries, but there are already some who create the expectation that the update will be shipped directly to One UI 3.0, something expected to happen in April this year.

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The A8 (2018) and A3 (2016) devices, on the other hand, received the A530FXXUFCTL2 and A310FXXS5CTJ2 firmware, respectively, causing the existing vulnerabilities in the brand’s older intermediary models to be resolved as well. Remember that this update is being delivered in Italy, but other regions should be graced soon.

Source: androidworld

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