Redmi 8: Real Time Battery Test | This Wednesday at 7am


RedmiThe Redmi 8 was released shortly after Redmi 7, which eventually obviously doing both are very similar in many respects. Still, we have some major changes to China’s new low-priced model, ranging from choosing a technically inferior platform compared to what we saw in its predecessor to using a larger capacity battery.

Will these changes bring Redmi 8 back to autonomy records as we saw in the iconic Redmi 4 Pro? Was the reign of the Moto G7 Power threatened? This is what we will discover from now on.

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Our battery test with the Redmi 8 follows the standard we have adopted on all other models that have passed our countertops, allowing us to see if the 5,000 mAh really can handle as much uptime as expected. In it, we run various apps, games, and services in timed cycles until the battery runs out completely, with intervals between cycles to observe standby consumption.


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