People app for Microsoft Teams announced with call captions and more


Microsoft The Microsoft Teams program is gaining a new additional application to enable broader usability, giving more features that make meetings and video calls even more interactive and executable by different means.

Among the new features implemented, is the possibility of applying subtitles to video calls, something that can allow the understanding of the message to be more effective, especially in environments where there are several contacts talking at the same time.

People will be a complement to Teams, acting as a task manager, allowing the creation of rooms, as well as the execution of actions, such as “raising hands” to be able to express some opinion regarding an argument being made at the time. alive.

In addition, this new management system makes it easy to transfer contacts from one cell to another, something interesting for companies that are conducting the online selection process, passing a candidate from the initial phase of conversation with HR to a director, for example.


  • People app for Microsoft Teams
    • The People app for Microsoft Teams phones allows you to easily connect and collaborate with teammates, colleagues, friends, and family. Through the application, you can organize your contacts by creating and managing groups of contacts.
  • Live subtitles
    • Microsoft Teams phones with live captions will now display real-time captions in meetings and group calls.
  • Raise your hand
    • During a meeting, you can raise a virtual hand from the Teams phone to let people know that you want to contribute without interrupting the conversation.
  • Transfer to contacts
    • When transferring a call, Microsoft Teams phones now suggest frequent contacts to easily transfer calls with a single touch. If you don’t see the contact on the suggested list, you can still search using the search bar.
  • Lock / unlock
    • With your PC this new feature, the Teams phone, and the Teams PC client will have a coordinated and continuous lock and unlock experience.
  • Dismiss automatic screens “Evaluate my call” and “Call ended”
    • We added support for the “Classify my call” and “Ended call” screens automatically so that users can continue their productivity after completing the call.

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  • Interoperability between teams and Skype
    • By the end of June, users will be able to make and receive audio and video calls from Skype for Consumer (SFC) via Microsoft Teams phones.

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