Oppo China Announces New Global Marketing President


OppoOppo China is undergoing important corporate changes to provide strategic renewals and start the second quarter, or even the next semester, with a differentiated structure to be able to stand out even more in the mobile market.

The company recently announced that the Global Marketing President has been modified, something that could represent the beginning of a new step for the corporation, which is currently growing its product portfolio and popularity outside the Asian country.

The change is directly linked to the resignation of a former executive of the position, Brian Shen, who has been present in several high-profile launches of Oppo over the last few years since he was the main responsible for the Find line. The information was shared by the company through a new one sent to the press.

According to them, the decision was influenced by the fact that Brian was experiencing personal health-related problems, but they did not specify in the statement what it would be. Despite the change in the position, Oppo announced that Liu Li will maintain projects that were already underway.

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Liu is not a new name in the corporation, as he received only one promotion, as he was already Marketing Director. Her strategic decisions will now be reported to the brand’s CEO, Chen Mingyong. One of the great challenges of the new president will be to deal with the changes suffered in the market due to the COVID-19 pandemic, something that will be Liu’s “trial by fire”.

Source: gsmarena

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