OnePlus Watch may receive update with “Always-On Display” feature


OnePlusNot yet released, the OnePlus Watch may receive an update that includes the “Always-On Display” feature, which means “screen always on”. Popularized by Samsung and LG, the feature can give the wearable the ability to keep its screen working even with the device on standby, so that it displays notifications, calls, and battery levels.

OnePlus released the smartwatch with a focus on its powerful battery – with a full charge, it can last for two weeks, while with just 20 minutes of charging, it can last an entire week without problems. In return, the public has been making requests for the Always-on Display (AOD) to be integrated into the watch’s operating system. In its forum, the company stated:

We are currently studying how it affects energy consumption and evaluating the possibility of bringing this feature in a future update.

There is a reluctance to use such a feature due to its high battery consumption – a possible increase of up to 50% in consumption. Anyway, the forum of the official website is open to receive suggestions from users so that the best option is delivered.

The OnePlus Watch, which will not feature Google’s wearOS, will have its own operating system. At first, this may displease some users because of the scarcity of third-party apps, but their own software may attract the attention of developers over time.

Made of stainless steel, the smartwatch will be available in two colors: Moonlight Silver and Midnight Black, as well as the special edition made of cobalt with a green screen.

With IP68 certification, the device will have resistance to water and dust, being able to be submerged up to 50 meters for 10 minutes without suffering damage. It will also feature an advanced oxygen saturation and heart rate monitor, which could make it a respectable competitor to the Apple Watch.

As for the values, the initial versions were announced for the US $ 159 (R $ 910.00 in direct conversion), while the special edition has not yet revealed its value. The launch is scheduled for April 14 in the United States.

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